Sonido Berzerk Journeys Through the World’s Underground Rhythms on ‘AfroGrimeyFunk’

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If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to a wild night out, Sonido Berzerk‘s got your back. He made an exclusive mix for Remezcla, and in 40 minutes he condensed enough rhythms from around the world that it’s pretty much a Noah’s Ark of global sounds. He named it AfroGrimeyFunk, and that’s exactly what you get. High-octane African sounds mixed with UK grime and funk carioca, with even more curveballs thrown into the mix.

He also managed to seamlessly mix all of these genres like they always belonged together. From Nguzunguzu‘s take on Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe’s “Timbalero” gliding to DJ Nigga Fox’s African party “OH Baddah,” to the grimey baile funk number “Passinho do Faraó,” by MC Bin Laden, bleeding into Rizzla‘s ballroom moment, “Badman Ha,” the selection works effortlessly. There is also room for some hilarious and improbable pairings, like the mashup between Lotic’s “Phlegm” and RD Maravilla’s “El Goloso,” which drops right into the only Sonido Berzerk track here, “Prana’s Theme,” which brings the dembow flavor. Sonido Berzerk isn’t shy about AfroGrimeyFunk‘s eclecticism, and we’re all the better for it.