Premiere: Niño Arbol’s Acid-Washed Techno Track “La Ciudad Que Capturó El Sol”

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Kevin Martinez – a.k.a Niño Arbol – is quickly coming up in the ranks of Mexico’s most promising new electronic acts. Breaking out of the Guadalajara electronic scene with blunt force, his aggressive IDM-infused techno is freaky, energetic, and smart. His latest track, “La ciudad que capturó el sol,” is a textured, acid-washed dance track that paints a picture of a barren, futuristic city.

One of the exciting aspects of new electronic artists from Mexico is their attention to detail and storytelling. Do yourself a favor and go through Niño Arbol’s catalogue, and, in the meantime, enjoy this track.

Check him out at All My Friends Festival in Rosarito, Tijuana.