Exclusive Premiere: Bahía Inútil’s “The End Of Our Soul,” Off Astro’s Label, Discos Río Bueno

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What we have here is a fantastic slice of deep electronic pop music that is sweeping without being grandiose, and minimal without being bare. The perpetrators of this track are Bahía Inútil who are delivering their first new material since 2011.

The band is formed by playwright Manuela Infante and Daniel Marabolí. Pop rock singer-songwriter Fernando Milagros used to be in the lineup but defected before working on their new stuff; in his place, we have Juan Pablo Bello, who has been the sound guy for a virtual who’s who in the current Chilean scene. Manuela, who was born in Victoria, Canada, writes the lyrics and leads the project.

“The End Of Our Soul” is an epic track that matches synthpop instrumentation with soulful vocals in the tradition of great outfits like Depeche Mode and Yazoo. They describe themselves as “Hawaiian electro gospel melodrama,” which makes sense to me except for the “Hawaiian” part; perhaps, if you listen to the song enough times, a flower collar will suddenly appear around your neck. With or without tiki mugs, though, this is great evoking, well written and emotional music. A sign of great things to come.

The song is the first single from their forthcoming self titled album, the follow up to their Stand Scared debut. As with their previous record, it will be released by Discos Río Bueno, Astro’s record label. Listen to the track here.