Premiere: “Catarsis,” the Debut of Mysterious Artist Benfika Has Us Wanting More

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We’re familiar with Infinite Machine and their devotion to the darker corners of electronic music, as well as founder Carlos Juárez’ own music making ventures as Wolf. Now, the label is ready to drop a new EP of electro-sonic explorations courtesy of a mysterious entity known as Benfika.

The label doesn’t want to give away many details about Benfika, at least not yet. So far, we only know that it’s a project headed by a Tijuana sound alchemist. Judging from this sneak peek, Benfika is a person who likes to screw with the physics of genre and sound to deliver a very personal statement.

“Catarsis” is a fractured electro piece featuring warped synth melodies and rhythms that feel askew. Voices that sound like a choir from heaven speak sweet whispers to ravers, those chosen ones who get lost in the repetitions of the beat without distraction. The song plays with form yet feels like it respects the genre. “Catarsis” demonstrates that rules are meant to be broken, or at least shaped into the form one desires without care for respecting style lines, like true mavericks.

Benfika’s upcoming EP will be available at an unknown date in the near future. So much mystery can be frustrating, but listening to the track will convince you the wait will be worth it.