Exclusive Premiere: Carolina Camacho’s Palo Electrónico in “Ninfa de las Aguas” Video

Carolina Camacho drops the video for her lead single “Ninfa de las Aguas” exclusively on Remezcla, depicting her musical vision while exploring Dominican raíces. The track combines traditional elements born from los bateyes of the DR, processed through minimalist electronic sequences and Camacho’s stunning, almost extraterrestrial vocals to create what she’s described as a “palo electrónico”– influenced unquestionably by the African heritage of the island.

The video, shot in black and white, centers on Camacho’s performance in the waves of the ocean with a partly-concealed identity, summoning a presence beneath the surface of the water. Unexplained elements in the video invoke an almost gothic sensibility to the vision, coupled with straightforward sensuality that suggests expanding self-knowledge and connection through dance and ritual.

“Ninfa de las Aguas” is the first single from Camacho’s EP, Atabey, available for purchase via iTunes.