Exclusive: Jacinto Di Yeah’s New EP is a Rave Dance Floor Must

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Today we have the exclusive stream of Mexican master of barrio beats Jacinto Di Yeah that will sure have you dance the night away. Not a bad prospect for a Wednesday, right?

We already talked about the title track of the Para Arriba EP, which pretty much sums up what we have in store here. Jacinto doesn’t tweak the formula much on “Envidia;” it’s pure catchy and digital fun with a great turn from Maria y José. Both cuts make two sides of a very ravey coin.

The rest of the EP features reworks of both tracks and they are a delight. Labelmate Santos adds a quebradita beat to “Para Arriba” to make it his own, while Italian producer Whitesquare strips “Envidia” to a spare but elegant march.

Jacinto Di Yeah is heard here doing what he does best: exploiting detail and perking ears with irresistible frequencies. Stream below and get your butt shaking.