Exclusive Premiere: Summertime Nostalgia in Salon Acapulco’s “Gin & Coconuts” Video ft. Caloncho

It’s October now and Halloween stores have already popped up in malls nationwide overnight and Midwestern dads have already suited up in “lawn clothes” to rake huge piles of leaves off their lawn. Some of us, though, aren’t ready to switch into autumn mode just yet and are still thinking of those lazy days of summer.

It doesn’t help one bit that our boys in Salon Acapulco have turned their nostalgia for the summer into a song with “Gin & Coconuts.” The track is the second off the duo’s upcoming album, Fandango, to be released February 2015. Caloncho provides the vocals for the lounge track where he sings of hot days at the beach playing volleyball with girls in bikinis.

There isn’t any volleyball in the video but there are plenty of shots of girls in bikinis swimming in the waters of some unknown island with random fauna chillin’, doing their thing, all in Academy Award-winning black-and-white.