Exclusive: Aggressive Loops for the Club from Tomás Urquieta

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Last time we heard about Chilean producer Tomás Urquieta was not too long ago, when he released, alongside R0D0LF0, their SPLIT002 EP through Diamante Records, and his contribution was an accurate introduction to what he’s been working on. He brings us more of his take on today’s experimental club music on his new EP, IGNEA.

On the track “Smoke Signals,” Urquieta cuts straight to the chase, merciless, with an incessant punching bass drum that drives the whole song. Few other elements appear on it, like the tense synth stabs and scratched vocal samples (are scratches fashionable again?), but these are just enough to keep you moving. From its start, “Cuerpo sin órganos” sounds very up-to-date, with a dramatic build-up which introduces those thick horns that give ambiance to the aggressive and loopy beat.

The EP is completed by two remixes of the first track. Fellow Santiaguino Imaabs takes “Smoke Signals” to a weird trap territory, while Texan producer Sines turns it into a more club-friendly tune, keeping some of its most prominent elements. Tomás Urquieta has an interesting approach on his music, grabbing influences from techno, grime, and even b’more, and the results are successful.