Exclusive: Ybab B Takes Alexis y Fido’s “A Ti Te Encanta” in A Soulful 90s Dancehall Direction

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Twisting the thick and thumping bottom end of Alexis y Fido‘s lovelorn reggaeton ballad “A Ti Te Encanta” into a more soulful moombahton-inspired direction makes so much sense we’re mad we didn’t think of it first. It’s exactly what Mexican producer Ybab B does for his exclusive-to-Remezcla remix of the rap duo’s hit single, from their recently released album La Esencia. Adding a barely-there synth to the accelerated beat nearly turns a rap song into a 90s era dancehall ballad straight out of the Maxi Priest playbook. This one excels because it creates a lane all-its-own and dominates it quite well.