Your Groceries Come to Life & Sing Backup in Extraperlo’s Animated Video for “Chill Aquí”

Is every music video involving Spanish production house CANADA intended to blow your mind with impressive visual techniques and kooky plotlines? By the looks of Extraperlo’s new video, we’re going to go ahead and say yes. The band’s latest single, “Chill Aquí”  (which also lends its name to their 2016 album) is now accompanied by some visuals that surely took a lot of imagination and green screens.

Directed by Manson, the “Chill Aquí” clip tells a classic love story with a visual twist. On a routine trip to an animated supermarket, singer Borja Rosal instantly falls in love with the cashier, and tries his best to win her over, from disguising himself as a cereal box to becoming her chewing gum – literally. He sings the romantic lyrics and performs the smooth 80s-inspired sound of the single, accompanied by singing paper towels, soda cans, soap dispensers, and milk cartons, only to get kicked out by a gigantic security guard. Does he get the girl in the end or not? Or was it all just a dream? You’ll just have to watch this mesmerizing piece of chroma greatness and sink into the fantasy world Extraperlo built for us.

Chill Aquí is out now on CANADA.