FΛcy SedΛted’s “With U” Video Is a Dreamy Portrait of Young Love

What are Mexican parents feeding their kids these days? After hearing music by artists like Grenda or Wet Baes, it’s clear that producers in Mexico aren’t just putting out high-quality work, they’re also starting out at a very young age. For further proof, check out 17-year-old Guadalajaran artist FΛcy SedΛtedThe young beatmaker has already put out a couple of EPs, where he’s experimented with a wide variety of different electronic genres. He’s now ready to release his as of yet untitled new EP through Mexican label DaFuture, so he has shared its first single along with a sweet music video.

On “With U,” we find him once again dipping his toes into R&B waters, à la Jacques Greene. The song is led by a cloud of pitched-down vocal samples. Its music video, directed by newcomer Antonio Verdín, shows two girls in love. Cute and simple. They kiss, hug, and caress each other in slow motion in different scenarios. When the visuals are this connected to the music and the song’s title, it generates nothing but warm feelings.