Hector Lavoe & Willie Colón Classic Gets Nguzunguzu Treatment

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It was in 2013 when Fania finally opened up its vaults and let producers have access to the long-craved stems from numerous songs off its catalogue. For two consecutive years they’ve released installments of an ongoing compilation series filled with remixes of Fania tracks, under the name Armada Fania. That’s how we know how Willie Colón would sound like produced by Toy Selectah; or how Twin Shadow interprets Ray Barreto.

Soon, there’ll be a new Armada Fania compilation, and the first taste we get from it is an impressive remix of Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón‘s “Timbalero” by L.A. duo Nguzunguzu. The tropical influence has always been present in their music but in a deconstructed manner. On this remix they fully embrace it while keeping their signature intriguing vibe, and there was no way they were going to miss the chance to use the percussion sounds from the original, especially those timbal fills. For a second there, the remix almost sounds like Latin house. But this is Nguzunguzu, it’s never that simple.