Santiago de Chile’s Nightlife Pops in Fantasna’s “Cosas Del Cuore” Video

While Fantasna‘s smooth deep house cut “Cosas del cuore” has been out for a minute, the track’s recently-released video gives it a 2.0 take, almost becoming a private invitation to silently stalk Fantasna through the lifespan of one of his gig nights.

The six-minute clip, which was directed by Felipe Cifra Sepúlveda, takes us on an after-dark ride through Santiago de Chile, giving us a low-lit vision of the city’s nightlife. The journey blends together questionably sanctioned venues, blurred transitions, Ableton screen views, and choreographed street dancers, while Fantasna is greeted by a cross-section of the DJs, producers, and supporting scenes that make the city’s nightlife pop.

“Cosas del cuore” arrived originally via Fantasna’s Del Cuore EP on DJ Raff’s Pirotecnia label.