Watch Femina-X’s Mystical Video for “INKA,” Filmed in the Andes Mountains

Daniela Riojas, lead singer of Texan outfit Femina-X, has just shared a live video of the group’s wonderfully mystical song “INKA.” The clip was spontaneously shot on their recent trip to Putumayo, Colombia, where they spent time healing and learning from ayahuasca shamans. While it may sound like the video is a collage of psychedelic images, the clip is actually a stunning documentation of the beautiful natural landscapes Femina-X found in the Andes Mountains.

But the footage is complementary to Daniela’s tender performance of “INKA.” She sings with passion in the video, smiling and radiating a warm energy, like the Incan sun she croons about. Check out the ethereal clip above.