A Black & White Beach Party in Fernando Milagros’ “La Playa” Video

It’s definitely been an amazing year for Chilean record label Quemasucabeza, having released albums by the likes of Fakuta, Protistas, Ases Falsos, and Diosque. It’s quite a bummer that Nuevo Sol, Fernando Milagros‘ latest album and his poppiest effort to date, hasn’t got the attention it deserves. The new single off the follow-up to San Sebastián is a pop/rock track called “La Playa,” and it now has a video companion, directed by Gonzalo Diaz, Nacho Rojas, and Shawn Garry.

In the black-and-white video for “La Playa,” we can see two young men and a girl in a love/friendship triangle, mostly set on (you guessed it) a beach. They hang out, joke around, look melancholic, and do a bunch of things in slow motion. Oh, and there are some gymnastics, because why not? There also are some inserted scenes of Milagros rocking an awesome hat and looking very elegant and slightly creepy – a classier Father Time, if you will.