Fernando Milagros Shares Mysterious Clip for “La Noche (feat. Cer Marineros)”

It’s been awhile since the release of Fernando Milagros‘ most recent album Nuevo Sol, but he’s making sure we don’t forget it’s a pretty good one. That’s why he just put out a music video for the latest single from the album, “La Noche,” in collaboration with Cer, one half of Chile’s next best thing and Cristian Heyne protégés Marineros.

It was directed by Álvaro Puentes and, if you pay attention, you can really feel a connection between the images and the lyrics. Here, we find a little boy and girl frolicking in the open field, playing with dead leaves and horses, which appear frequently in the video. The boy is blind, as his white eyes hint, but we notice that he begins to regain his sight as the video evolves, until he’s finally able to see his playmate. But at the end of the video, the girl’s eyes are also white, leaving all sorts of questions. Meanwhile, Milagros performs in his usual El Topo-chic style, joined by Cer, who resembles a combination of Javiera Mena and Orange is the New Black‘s Flaca.