Sink Into the Gossamer Romance of Ferraz’s ‘Behind’ EP

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Ferraz
Courtesy of Ferraz
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Venezuelan producer Ferraz has spent the past couple of years making slick tunes that are so elegant it’s impossible not to feel underdressed while you dance to them. Now based in Mexico City – adding to the list of Venezuelan talent that has fled the country due to political unrest – he’s unveiled a new four-track EP titled Behind, summoning a cast of up-and-coming lead vocalists to complement his beats.

Behind kicks off with the title track, a clever interplay between French and Chicago house. The song is a bag of tricks, with ear candy that includes Latin percussion fills and dripping bass lines. In this ever-evolving context, what keeps “Behind” rooted is boyish vocals from French singer Timsters, which feels like a velvet caress.

That could be said about pretty much all the vocal contributions on the EP, since gossamer romance is Ferraz’s signature. On “I’m Yours,” Cocco’s soft coos embody the passion of Ferraz’s soulful chords and synth bursts. Fellow Venezuelan duo and frequent collaborators Marti Ann appear on the funky “Feel’s Right.”  Warm up before an epic Friday night out with this track (we’ll give them a pass for the cringeworthy line “You look like a real-life Barbie” this time around). The EP closes with an old favorite – the R&B splashes of “Paradise,” featuring Cozy. Its pillowy production is a refreshing break from the house template.

Ferraz is stronger than ever on Behind; it feels like a last-minute upgrade to first class.