Venezuelan Dream Team Ferraz and Marti Ann Join Forces for Glossy R&B Jam “Take It On”

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In the current Venezuelan electronic music landscape, there’s no better match than producer Ferraz and R&B duo Marti Ann. Just listen to the latter’s debut EP First and singles “XTC,” “Her Bedside,” and “True Love,” and you’ll need no further proof. The team is back again with a brand new song, called “Take It On,” and it doesn’t disappoint.

On the surface, there’s an undeniable resemblance to The Weeknd’s massive hit “Can’t Feel My Face,” but it’s actually a whole different beast. The production is as crystal-clear and classy as one would expect from Ferraz, grabbing elements from disco, funk, and R&B, and setting them in the present. The bassline is slippery and sensuous, and the mosquito-like synths, palm-muted guitar licks, and little vocal samples here and there adorn the song. Marti Ann’s Nico provides some soulful vocals, but he never really settles on a specific hook, which is a shame, since it would’ve made the song a lot more memorable. Still, he delivers, especially on those mellow half-time breaks.