We’re still months away from the end of the year, but we’re already thanking the meme gods for bringing to light the never-ending source of absurdity that is Thalía’s Instagram account. The Mexican diva became a social media favorite in the blink of an eye with her carefree internet persona and hilariously bizarre videos, including one in particular – yeah, that one – which will have us singing “¿Me escuchaaaaaaan? ¿Me oyeeeeeeen?” for a long, long time.

The video, taken from her Instagram stories, made a splash so big it inspired its own #ThalíaChallenge and even a pink-fringed jumpsuit-wearing piñata she was gifted for her 47th birthday. And now, it’s also the raw material for a new remix that has us screaming.

Mexico-based Venezuelan producer Ferraz sampled Thalía’s vocals from the video and found a jazzy foundation, creating a slinky lo-fi hip-hop remix, and the result is ridiculously good and hysterical. On his Facebook page, he wrote, “I can’t believe I took the time to do this,” to which I can only reply: yo estoy feliz, feliz, feliz that you did it, champ. On Friday, Thalía even released a studio version of the song, based on the “Me Escuchan, Me Oyen” vocals.

Stream the remix below: