Fifteen Years Old Trades Pop For Ethereal Sensuality On New EP, “Abecedario”

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“Performance poetry” is one of the most creative ways I’ve read someone describe their work as a songwriter and artist. It’s how Peruvian “audio/visual architect” Solange Jacobs describes her work under the moniker Fifteen Years Old and it’s 100% accurate as her latest album proves.

Abecedario is a six-song EP that provides a strong contrast to her 2012 debut EP, The Image Lovers, a dream popĀ album that had a bit of an alt. rock edge to it. On this latest work, Jacobs puts the majority of the pop works in the background and instead creates an album that is equal parts ethereal, sensual, and even spiritual.

Opening track ‘Ancho Mar: Seda’ sets the tone for the experience immediately; Jacobs’s vocals take on an angelic-choir quality within the first minute, as an arrangement of strings and wind instruments float aloft behind her. The title track provides a sensual and uncensored take on the alphabet while ‘Padre Nuestro’ does the same for an old Catholic prayer.

Jacobs lets her freak flag fly on experimental tracks ‘Arbol’ and ‘Vamos A Quemar Hasta La Estrella.’ It all comes to an end with ‘Rugido,’ composed almost entirely of her own vocals, sampled and otherwise, serving as a closing prayer.

Abecedario is available via Buh Records.