Here’s a Mysterious Sneak Peek at Finesse Records’ Massive Year to Come

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Finesse Records is up to something big. At least, that’s what we can gather after watching the Mexican electronic imprint’s mysterious and unsettling Finesse Season VI teaser, which we’re premiering exclusively here on Remezcla. Taking a hint from Kanye West’s Yeezy Season series, the good people at Finesse are looking to hit 2016 hard with a lineup of stellar releases and festival appearances. 2016 is shaping up to be a great year for the label and its roster, which includes head honcho Teen Flirt, Naked Geometry, BCOTB, Adrian Be, Jesse Baez, Red Bro, XXVI XXIV, Monvco, and beyond.

We sat down with David Oranday, the man behind Teen Flirt, to get the juicy details behind these engimatic visuals. He says, “we haven’t released anything on the label for a while. With this teaser, we wanted to project the feeling we experienced these last few months – planning, preparing, and making everything that’s coming this season. The idea behind this season’s artwork is based on close-ups and analysis of each artist.”

As for their plans for the following months, he added, “We’re planning on delivering new material more consistently, with a couple of videos already on schedule and releases by every artist and member of the [Finesse] family. At the same time, we’re also in talks with new artists and recording stuff with new collaborators. This season goes hand in hand with vocals and lyrics, so we’re on a constant search for that.”

We couldn’t miss the chance to ask him about more details about this year’s edition of Festival Ceremonia, where the label members will showcase their music together as Finesse Records All Stars. Plus, Guatemalan R&B crooner Jesse Baez will perform solo at Ceremonia for the first time. “We’re right in the middle of planning the whole thing. We’re all definitely involved in both Jesse’s show and in our slot as All Stars. The same members of the ‘F’ [Finesse Records] will be Jesse’s backing band. Monvco will play percussion, Adrian Be will do backing vocals, and I will control the stems and samples. We’re planning something similar for the show with the whole family.”

Watch the spooky trailer above, and keep an eye on the label carving out their slice in Mexico’s underground bass scene.