Florentino’s “Sientelo” Is a High-Octane Jock Jam to Amp Up Your Club Cardio

Lead Photo: Photo by Louis Reynolds
Photo by Louis Reynolds
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On Tuesday, British-Colombian producer Florentino teased us with “Bloodline,” the first half of his new two-track EP. Today we get the whole picture with the drop of “Sientelo,” which comes as heart-thumpingly close as we’ve seen to a reggaeton Jock Jams.

Like its partner track, “Sientelo” is driven by a relentless drumline, adrenaline-riling air horns, and Baltimore club chants. Those trying to make the team would be well-advised to stock up on piston-powered dance moves. Other tip: Leave your hangups at home because the meek won’t survive in Florentino’s sonic landscape (more on that point later).

You can imagine “Bloodline” causing the good kind of chaos on the floor at Swing Ting, the club night, dance posse, and label started by Balraj Samrai and Ruben Platt back in 2011 that Florentino now reps. Swing Ting also released the new EP, its second album with the producer after 2015’s Tu Y Yo. Florentino fits right in with party collective; both are known for surprising combinations of sounds meant to produce maximum levels of condensation.

But how are we to reckon the hard-driving beats of the new dual release with Florentino’s self-appointed status as “el más romántico de los románticos?” For a cue, we can turn to the red thorny CGI rose juxtaposed against matte magenta marbling that visual artist Seedy schemed up for Florentino’s album art and upcoming tour date announcement. El modernismo steals hearts, bebe — play these for your forward-thinking perreo dreamboat and see if they’re not down for the after-after party.

Bloodline/Sientelo is out on December 2 via Swing Ting.