Florentino Flirts With Dark Reggaeton and Feels-Heavy Bachata on “Perdido”

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In an era where Drake drops bachata dance moves in a music video, why not try some bachata sampling as well? That’s exactly what Florentino did on his new single, “Perdido.” The Manchester-based Colombian producer is about to drop his debut EP, Tú y Yo. For “Perdido,” he looked to bachata vocal styles for inspiration and ran with it.

Over a beat that walks the line between dancehall and reggaeton, tilting to one side or the other from time to time, Florentino grabbed the line “estoy perdido” from an unidentified bachata song to tell a story about feeling lost after heartbreak. He succeeds at bringing out all the feels, providing us with a moment to dance our sorrows away.

Tú y Yo is out November 13 on English label Swing Ting.