Foos Gone Wild’s Debut Album Is Meant to Make “Foos Laugh”

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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In a time when we needed it most, the renowned L.A. based comedy collective Foos Gone Wild delivered in a big way. The group’s musical debut, “Foos Gone Wild the Album,” Released 4/1/20 or “April Foos Day,”  is an original take on the classic cholo rap narrative. Lead by the enigmatic emcee, Lil Mr.E, the album puts the listener in the shoes (and high socks) of the everyday foo.

The project is a deep-dive in culture as FGW portrays Chicano lifestyle through an artful range of musical offerings. Switching from Rap, to Funk to Oldies and even some Cumbia, the album provides an eccentric take on the Mexican American Community.

Snippets of some tracks such as the The higher the socks(the downer the foo) and This Foo have been previewed on social media gaining popularity and becoming established hits prior to the full album release. However it’s the more understated tracks that put the album over the top, such as Juan, a G-Funk collaboration with Diamond Ortiz—complete with amusing storytelling and a vocoder laced hook. Another gem is Look at it Closely, an invigorating dance track produced to party.

Remezcla was able to catch up with Foos Gone Wild’s elusive frontman Lil Mr.E early April Foos Day to ask about what motivated the album and what inspires him to create, to which he aptly responded “To make Foos laugh.”

Foos Gone Wild the Album is now streaming on all platforms check it out here.