Formerly Known as El Mañana, Así Así Reintroduce Themselves With New Song ‘Carne Molida’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of artist.
Photo courtesy of artist.
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Chicago trio Así Así are releasing “Carne Molida” as a way to introduce themselves to the larger world, but it’s more than your standard launch. Considering that the band has a decade under their belt, you can say it’s more of a rebirth. Shedding their former selves, Así Así is ready to show their new and improved self.

“Carne Molida” is their first original composition since adopting the Así Así moniker and in some ways is the culmination of a decade in music. Formed in 2009 by Fernando Del Buen in Mexico City, the band started out with the name El Mañana, debuting in 2011 with a self-titled album released by Discos Cuchillo (home to Belafonte Sensacional) and following it up with Muertos in 2014 for the Fanclub Records label (Vaya Futuro). Shortly after their sophomore release, Del Buen moved to Chicago where he spent the next few years settling in. In 2018, he reactivated the band with a brand new lineup, playing local shows. Meanwhile, another band called El Mañana claimed the right to use the name which prompted the name change.

Así Así —which featured Ben Geissel and Celeen Rusk in addition to Del Buen— are back with their first official release since “Lentamente,” a rework of the opening track of Muertos. “Carne Molida” retains El Mañana’s cinematic score vibes with some tweaks to the formula. The highly evocative track is based on a groove that’s perfect for low key dancing, lifting up their brand of hooky vintage psych sounds. It also exploits their catchiness in ways that wouldn’t have been imaginable before. At the same time, the track develops a darker shade as it progresses, especially when it launches into the jammy outro section.

With its funky basslines, interlocking guitar parts, and prominent percussive instruments, there’s a direct link with their former sound but “Carne Molida” introduces enough new elements to set Así Así on their own path without ignoring the past.