Francisca Valenzuela’s Bouncy “Héroe” Is a Vivid Visualization of Inner Strength

Lead Photo: Photo by Javiera Eyzaguirre
Photo by Javiera Eyzaguirre
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In her new song “Héroe,” Chilean pop star Francisca Valenzuela has taken the idea of inner-strength and rendered it through a vibrant universe of color. Valenzuela’s concepts are always bright and vivid – just recall her slithery visuals for “Tómame” from last year – and here, she underscores her inspirational message with a surreal, dance-oriented video that braids in references ranging from Kill Bill to cueca traditions.

The video, directed by Javiera Eyzaguirre, was partially shot at the National Stadium in Santiago. In addition to a few scenes that portray Valenzuela as Boticelli’s Venus and later a revolutionary, the clips center on different groups of her dancers showing off choreography by Brigitte Kattan. A few of the women in the footage wield an array of weapons, while some of the male performers dance in folkloric skirts and attire, something that Valenzuela’s says is a nod to the many ways we think about “heroes.”

“I wanted it to be strong and fragile; feminine, bold and fierce; defiant and empowering,” she explained. “I took the idea of what a hero is and what that looks like and played with it: A hero has a sword, but also a skirt. It is a venus and revolutionary. A hero can be every gender race shape and size.” She adds that she was also thinking about the duality of collectives and individuals, which both play a role in stories of personal battles and broader struggles.

Valenzuela just performed at Los Juegos Panamericanos in Lima and says she’ll have more music coming this year. Until then, she told Remezcla she’s excited to share a video concept that incorporates movement and the “unique energy and force” of her dancers.

“I am thrilled that we could realize what I was imagining in my head,” she shared. “The song has rhythm, it flows, and I wanted to express that vibe through the video, too.”

Check out “Héroe” here: