Francisco Pinto and Fakuta’s “Los Sueños” Is the Soundtrack to All Your Disco Fantasies

Chilean electronic cult figure Francisco Pinto’s “Los Sueños” is the funky little pop moment you’ve been waiting for all fall. Full of drum machine loops and wacky synth bleeps, the track’s dark undertones of love lost and shattered dreams can easily be hidden in the decadent up-tempo beat. There’s an almost 80s new romantic vibe to the song, with just enough saccharine touches to keep it buoyant. Pinto has also enlisted criminally underrated Chilean songstress Fakuta as the voice of your subconscious, letting her shine as the disco diva you’ve always known she could be, especially after the strong showing on her last album Tormenta Solar.

“Los Sueños” is the lead track off Pinto’s upcoming still-untitled album, which bodes well for 2016’s potential disco fantasies.