Celebrate Being Young and Carefree With Francisco y Madero’s “Juventud en éxtasis” Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Francisco y Madero

Mexican-American duo Francisco y Madero quietly released their latest EP Chicanos Falsos at the end of November, and it was no doubt an underrated project from a year jam-packed with huge releases. With a title borrowed from Michele Sero’s book Chicana Falsa, the four-track project demonstrates the duo’s growth; on it, they polished their masterful sampling from the Latin American songbook, and stripped away the comedic side they’ve shown since their 2011 debut EP Acapulco en la azotea, without losing their distinctive wit and charm. Chicanos Falsos showcases the duo’s emotional maturity, while continuing to engage with their bicultural origins.

A fine example of this evolution is closing track “Juventud en éxtasis,” where members Carlos Pesina and Jesse Sylvester draw on bossa nova samples and color them with a healthy dose of psychedelia. The moment you think you have it all figured out, the song seamlessly drops into a cumbia break. Animal Collective comparisons are pretty annoying, but with a song called “Panda Bear,” the band has had an undeniable influence on Francisco y Madero. This time, it’s shows up in Sylvester’s multi-tracked, old school pop vocals.

The Natalia Martínez-directed video, which we’re premiering exclusively today at Remezcla, is a visual representation of what’s promised in the song title. A group of teens hit the town for some fun, kind of like the trio from Modjo’s “Lady” video, but without the sexual connotations. They wander aimlessly, ride in a car, play with fireworks, and are later joined by another friend, just in time to let loose to a little cumbia at the city fair.

Francisco y Madero are opening for Chicano Batman on June 20 in Guadalajara. Check them out if you can!