Blit’s “Doria” EP is Bursting With Beats

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People should be paying a lot more attention to Chilean imprint Discos Pegaos. They have been constantly putting out great records, and their latest is no exception. Meet producer Cristobal Korenblit, better known as Blit, an artist who’s been releasing his electronic experiments for almost ten years, and who’s now bringing us Doria, his first EP on the label.

Starting now, and for two more weeks, you have the chance to download Doria for free, and we think you should. The 5-track EP bursts with hip hop beats, dark synths, and heavy basslines, and is informed with elements from IDM, electro pop, and even funk. But he never loses melody from sight, injecting his songs with emotion. This is best exemplified on the last two tracks, the IDM-inspired “Último Hombre en la Luna,” and contemplative dance of “Frank,” both of which shine with moving sounds, over steady rhythms and effective production trickery. Go get this lovely treat Discos Pegaos is giving you while it’s still hot.