Free Download: Chancha Via Circuito’s “Sueño en Paraguay” (El Búho Remix)

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Chancha Via Circuito is unstoppable right now. After the release of Amansará (2014, Wonderwheel Recordings) he’s been everywhere, touring all around the world, including forthcoming dates at the huge Roskilde Festival in Denmark and the first Festival Charco, in Madrid. Meanwhile, to keep his fans happy, the Argentine producer who also goes by Pedro Canale is releasing Amansará Remixed, a remix compilation of songs off his latest album. It will feature reworks from collaborators and ZZK mates Nicola Cruz, Tremor, and Frikstailers, as well as Maga Bo, Psilosamples, and Canale himself, under his Universildo moniker. Even the album artwork made by Paula Duró is getting a “remix” by Argentine artist Acampante.

Scoop a free download of El Búho’s contribution to the compilation here. The English producer, who’s now based in Mexico City, reworks “Sueño en Paraguay,” adding complexity to Canale’s more skeletal original version. The most stunning element is his weaving of layers and layers of plucked harp sounds, which he cut, pasted, and rearranged to create a beautiful Andean fantasy. He also changed the beat, favoring fuller sounds and sometimes reverb, but still referencing cumbia.

Amansará Remixed is out June 2nd on Crammed Discs, Wonderwheel Recordings, and Estamos Felices.