Free Download: Listen to No Light’s Mourning Scenes EP, From Mexico City’s Gold Frame Records

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There’s a new cool label in town, and it’s called Gold Frame Records. Hailing from Mexico City, it specializes in electronic music, and it’s so young it only has two releases: a short EP by Dazed Youth, and now this. Meet No Light. Little is known about this up-and-coming producer from the Mexican capital, so let his music do the talking.

His new EP is called Mourning Scenes, and consists of four original tracks and remixes for each of them. His song on this release immediately bring to mind the spacious approach to juke and jungle found on Machinedrum’s latest work, especially Vapor City. The synth sounds are easy and flowy, and the beats are crisp and precise. He occasionally uses vocal samples, except on the title track, which features vocals sung in English by singer Angie Victoria. Three out of four songs have a somewhat tense atmosphere, but the fourth one, “Racist,” has an uplifting quality to it that is hard to match with its title. The four remixes that complete the EP were made by Seafloor and Lao, who flipped their tracks upside-down, and Me & Myself and MXMLST, who stuck closer to the original sounds.