Free Download: Max le Daron & Joey Le Soldat’s Sin Logba EP, Out Now on Cocobass

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Cocobass’ boundaries are ever-expanding, and they have now reached new territories: Belgium and Burkina Faso. It doesn’t get more exotic than that. The Mexican/Venezuelan netlabel added a new piece to their always interesting dance music catalog. It’s a new collaborative EP between Belgian producer Max le Daron, and Burkinab√© (thanks, Wikipedia) MC Joey Le Soldat, called Sin Logba.

The song that gives title to the EP, “Sin Logba,” is something very unlike Cocobass, since it has a lot more to do with UK grime than with tropical bass. But it makes sense, placing subtle Latin percussion on top of the characteristic dark grime strings. The MCs vocals are present throughout most of the song, and his range is narrow, so it can get a little tiring. But all and all, this is definitely a fun listen. The EP is complemented with two remixes of the song: one by Photo Romance, which has “party” written all over, and a second one by AMA$$A, who gives it a massive mutant trap spin. The EP closes with an instrumental version of the original track, where you can hear the subtleties of the programming.