Free Download: Phoro’s Electro-Pop Debut Album

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Patricia Horovitz is an Uruguayan designer whose body of work is mainly focused on the visual. But she’s been exploring her musical side for quite some time now, under the name Phoro. She started posting some of her own tunes back in 2012, but it wasn’t until recently that she completed her self-titled debut album, and posted it for free on her website.

Phoro is a 10-track electronic pop album. Horovitz made it entirely on Logic, with a little outside help from local producers Hernan González (Cooptrol) and Nicolás Demczylo. This is a very good first effort, having a similar approach to music as Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow or Nite Jewel’s Ramona González. The programming is interesting enough to keep your attention to its details, and Phoro’s voice is dark and sensuous, and sings catchy melodies that fit the songs very well. She references old sounds throughout the album successfully, although there are a couple trip hop-ish numbers that sound a little dated. Standout track “Sun Beast” will get stuck in your mind for days, and it’s a good fix for all the people who, like me, are excited about the return of Kate Bush.

Stream it below, or download it for free here.