Free Mixtape: DJ Uly and MC Tchelinho’s Natal Cremoso Heavy Baile

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Have yourself a merry little creamy Christmas! DJ Uly and MC Tchelinho soundtrack your holidays with high-octane funk carioca greatness. These two members of the Heavy Baile crew dropped their Natal Cremoso mixtape just in time for Christmas Eve, so press play at the precise moment and you, your granny, and everyone around the block will be dancing instantly. Here we have over 35 baile funk tracks crammed in 27 minutes, opening with a a cheesy synth strings version of the Godfather theme song melody, so you just know this is going to be great. After that, we get references to trap, EDM, Miami bass, BeyoncĂ© samples, and the Christmas spirit is brought by “Natal Romano,” the closing track, by DJ RD da NH. Creamy Christmas from Rio de Janeiro!