Mexico City’s Frege Lead the Psych Pop School of Chill With “Bend”

Lead Photo: Photo by Adhat Campos
Photo by Adhat Campos
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You don’t need to look further than their name to know that Frege are a band of ambitious young men. Inspired by German philosopher and mathematician Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, they thrive on big concepts and stellar execution. Their music is a rich fusion of sounds and daring arrangements that also maintains a balance between pop and experimentation, made for fans of easygoing, beat-driven music. Their new single “Bend” might just be an invitation for you to come along for the ride.

We were already acquainted with their brand of electronic psych pop with their previous EP Got Love, which threw ambient synths, fragmented beats, and soft-spoken melodies into a delirious blend. The duo-turned-quartet from Brooklyn via Mexico City have been busy tracking their album Shapes, which is due soon.

“Bend” is the first peek at that project. The track relies on easygoing synth pop touchstones that borrow from the genre’s golden age, but equally nod to last decade’s chic blog party outfits, which also molded the electronic sounds of the 80s in their own image. “Bend” doesn’t really indulge in odd time signatures or instrumental odysseys like those found on the band’s previous releases. They play it straight, but that doesn’t mean they’re playing it safe; there’s a super psychedelic half-tempo shift that throws the listener into a slight confusion. Frege’s big statement might be that big concepts go hand in hand with feel-good music.