Frikstailers and Leo García Teleport to an Electro Cumbia Party in the “Woranait” Video

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Buenos Aires duo Frikstailers have long been among the most sincerely dance floor-oriented of the interplanetary voyagers in the ZZK Records solar system. Earlier in 2015, they celebrated nine years of making psyched-out digital cumbia by releasing “Woranait,” possibly their most delectably bassy track yet. Driven by a murga beat and laced with laser and pan flute synths, it’s as nice a thank you to their fans as anyone could ask for, and itself a reason to celebrate, since it shows time has only sharpened their keen instincts for crafting heaters.

True to their vocation, it turns out that Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona had only just begun to party. Today, we unveil a video reprising the carnivalesque track with Argentine pop icon Leo García on vocals. Playing the part of the master of ceremonies to the hilt, the singer-songwriter brings a lot of hype to the track and ultimately owns it, despite (or perhaps because of) his deadpan delivery. Rest assured, there’s plenty of turn up when the trio finally beams down to a live concert.