Fuego and Dillon Francis’ “We the Funk” Video Is a Colorful Rooftop Party

Lead Photo: Photo by Nick Farrar. Courtesy of JNET PR

Watching the video for the latest single “We The Funk” featuring Dominican rapper Fuego, a couple things jump out at you. Among them, the liquefied dancehall riddim and the healthy-ass women dancing in monochrome looks. You will also notice Dillon Francis doing the producer dance (standing stock still, facing the camera obliquely, occasionally slinging an arm over the shoulders of the featured vocalist).

How did a Serbian-Croatian born in Los Angeles come to be working on an entirely Spanish-language dance album, of which “We the Funk” is merely a teaser? Call it a sign of the times, but there is some personal precedent here. Francis is a Diplo acolyte, and his first certified banger was in Spanglish. The undeniably lit “Que Que,” from back in 2011 featured superb Dominican vocalist Maluca, and was the result of Francis falling into moombahton a year previous, which resulted in his Westside! EP. Since then he’s scored dance mega-hits with DJ Snake and Snappy Jit, but has maintained his fascination with Latino genres through it all.

His upcoming album, released through is own record label IDGAFOS (stands for “I Don’t Give a Fuck or Shit”) will feature Arcángel, Ximena Sariñana, and producer Happy Colors.