Fuego’s “Diferente” Video Preaches the Importance of Swag and Good Hygiene

Hot on the heels of the release of Fireboy Forever 2, Fuego drops some visuals for “Diferente,” a sultry album cut. Setting out on a mission to prove he’s one-of-a-kind, Fuego shows us he’s the type of dude who can roll up on a hot girl who’s in the middle of a sweaty jog and still get her to come home with him.

One can just imagine precisely how that roadside conversation went: “Come see the crib, get a fresh rinse in my state-of-the-art shower, and I’ll hop in my Porsche to go get you some clean clothes while you send me selfies in nothing but a towel!” If you’re wondering if this sort of thing will ever happen to you, it probably won’t. I suppose that’s exactly what makes Fuego diferente in this particular scenario. Nonetheless, the playfully sexy clip will certainly be a vicariously delightful experience for many.

Fireboy Forever 2, which landed on our list of most hotly anticipated projects for the new year, did not fail to impress. We can only imagine how Fuego will pull the girl in his next video off the hip-hop-heavy set.