Future Reggaeton & Hip Hop Compilation ‘Joseo de Oro’ is a Manifesto for a New Latin Music Movement

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Despite the internet’s vast possibilities, underground is still a serious word in music. It’s still hard to find what we don’t know exists. But sometimes it just takes a simple blog post to shine a spotlight on the artists that are shaping a genre. And when the whole picture of artists is dope enough to be talked about, we start to wonder if a movement is being born.

Mexican blog Tacon de Oro has shown its affinity for reggaeton and hip hop from underground ibero and Latino artists before, and Joseo de Oro is their effort to group these artists together into a one-stop shop. The 16-track mixtape acts as an informal manifesto – not for an emerging bunch, but for artists that are already being championed as the future of their genres. It highlights a new musical movement ready to show the world what Latin America and Spain have to offer so-called future bass.

Needless to say, Joseo de Oro includes some of our favorite artists yet, and brought some new ones to our  attention. You can download it for free here.

The compilation starts with trap in the hands of Los Zafiros and Kevin Swing with “Los Santos Me Acompañan,” followed by unreleased material by Whitest Taino Alive in “Ding Dong” and Füete Billēte in “Somos HP” (with a beat produced by Freaky Phillip). Aggressive tracks continue with Audri Nix’s “Veneno,” and Pxxr Gvng’s Young Beef and D. Gomez who star in the track “Rubirosa Play Boy,”* a song that mysteriously didn’t make it to Soundcloud but is included in the download link.

Then future reggeaton takes over, with genre hustlers La Mafia del Amor, which is Pxxr Gvng’s side-project and the people responsible for the pussy-eating anthem we’ve come to love. There’s also a couple of appearances from Chilean reggaeton diva Tomasa del Real, dancehall-influenced tracks by Barcelona producer/vocalist Sergi Gil, tracks by Lima’s own Deltatrón with Saisi and Tomasa del Real and many others.

With artists from Chile, Spain, Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Joseo de Oro shows how the scene has grown from a series of solitary efforts to a multinational movement of artists thirsty to produce the next big hook. It will definitely add tons of booty shaking to any party playlist.

*Fun fact: Rubirosa is actually the last name of Porfirio Rubirosa, one the most famous playboys in the world, of Dominican origins. The 50th anniversary of his death in a car crash in Paris came in last Sunday.