Gazrapse’s “Obsolescente” Is A Trip Back To Your Mom’s Belly

Twenty year-old Monterrey producer Gabriel Esparza, also known as Gazrapse, has just released some of his first material through our friends at NWLA in the shape of a single, “Obsolescente,” whose micro-sampling and psychedelic-driven sounds immediately caught our ear.

“I like for the sounds to be comfortable and stimulating, like when we were inside our mothers’ bellies and we only heard their voices, as well as the liquids, the electricity, and the substances that traveled through their bodies,” he said about the track. Within this womb-like microcosm, the listener floats through an increasingly rhythmic soundscape, filled with micro-sampled, techno-sounding UK Garage breaks that are completely unique.

To complement the track, Eduardo Makoszay, a Mexico City audio visual engineer, created a music video set in various international airports during an extended overseas voyage. “I collected recurrent textures and patterns that remind us that at any scale in the universe, the same shapes emerge. [These are] shapes lost inside a maze of mirrors that reflect multidimensionally,” Makoszay said.

Woah. That’s a good way to interpret this piece, and we entice you to make up your own mind about it by listening and watching this first edition of NWLA’s Hear/Watch series.