Gepe Returns to His Romantic Pop Roots on New Single “Hablar de Ti”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Quemasucabeza
Courtesy of Quemasucabeza
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Chilean indie troubadour Gepe is back with a new track named “Hablar de Ti,” the first taste of his forthcoming sixth studio album Ciencia Exacta. Known for charting new musical territory on every record, Gepe is turning back towards the introspective lyricism that marked the early days of his career as a folk luminary.

“Hablar De Ti” falls squarely in the Gepe canon, following the romantic ballads that have defined his career, with hits like “Fruta y Té” and “Un Día Ayer.” Ukulele in hand, Gepe serenades his lady, awed by her beauty. But even more poignant is the way in which he celebrates this woman’s virtues and strength, singing: “Me encanta la fuerza que tu cuerpo tiene para conseguir lo que tuvo y que quiere, mujer consecuente ahora y siempre hasta el final.” The sweet acoustic composition transcends simple physical admiration by tapping into the small, unexpected joys of companionship.

Ciencia Exacta was born from the creative and physical exhaustion of touring in support of Estilo Libre, Gepe’s previous album, which left the musician drained and thirsting to make more intimate music. Describing the record as “less about external searching, and much more internal,” we can expect Ciencia Exacta to be a sort of homecoming for Gepe, as he steps away from the ornate musical crossbreeding that made him a star and back in the contemplative shoes of his younger self. The album features guest appearances by folklorist María Esther Zamora and drummer Juanita Parra, a cover of Café Tacvba’s classic “Las Flores,” and longtime collaborator Cristián Heyne once again taking the helm as producer.