Get Four Takes on Cumbia Party Jams in “Cumbias Sonideras Vol. 1”

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Describing cumbia as a “musical rhythm” and “a feeling,” is Brazil-based Mexican producer Arturo Hererra DJ whose latest release from Chile’s Regional Label is Cumbia Sonideros, a collection of four free-to-download tracks that blend traditional cumbia with current and progressive dance-friendly sounds.

‘Cumbia Del Pajaro Cenzontle’ kicks things off and has a “traditional” feel – but with a sweeping riddim amplified via echo effects, it’s definitely more in tune with underground tribal-tech raves than anything else. ‘Cumbia De La Campanera’ comes Spanish Harlem-ready with the thickest of boom bap breaks underlining a trumpet-laden melody, while ‘Cumbial del Sol”s twisting cosmic funk packs all the vibes. By the time ‘Cumbia Llorando Se Fue’ closes the collection with a vocal performance feeling snatched directly from a backyard party in Mexico City, the sum certainly exceeds the expectation of its disparate parts.