Ghetto Kids’ “Tu Mirada” Video is a Cheeky Ode to Snapchat Selfies

Did Mexico’s Ghetto Kids just drop a music video or a Calvin Klein ad?

We’re not totally sure — the three-plus minutes of a model dancing around to the trio’s jam “Tu Mirada” feels like both. The song is off the band’s album Global Sound and it features air-light vocals from MKN Makenna that underscore the single’s sensual lyrics.

It makes sense, then, that director Yahir Carrillo would take a suggestive route and produce a flirtatious video that’s a cheeky nod to the Snapchat generation. We’re observers of someone’s selfie session while she’s clad in a Ghetto Kids T-shirt and CK briefs. Lyrics like, “Me enciende tu mirada/Me disarma,” invite us to watch. As the montage goes on, it becomes a little voyeuristic – like Snapchat itself.

With its chilled-out, dembow-driven beat, “Tu Mirada” is catchy, and you’d be forgiven for dancing around to it in your underwear.

The release marks the Ghetto Kids’ first video debut. They’ve also been busy on SoundCloud, pumping out remixes that show off their irreverent hit-the-floor style. Check them out here.