Ghetto Vanessa Strikes Every Party-Ready Nerve With Baile Trap Boomer “Brasileiro Puto”

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Veteran producer Ghetto Vanessa‘s “Brasileiro Puto” is the samba-meets-baile-funk-meets-trap track your ears have been dying to hear, but your brain couldn’t fathom. This track, which celebrates a century of dance floor energy emanating from Brazil’s favelas, is the brainchild of Hamburg, Germany’s Sönke Oberschmidt, aka Ghetto Vanessa. He’s a marimbaphile and percussion-lover championed by the likes of MAN Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman, and given the latter’s love of funk-driven Afro-Latin breaks, you get an automatic sense of what makes “Brasiliero Puto” great.

Operating in much of the same space as a 60 BPM R&B or 70 BPM trap edit, the drums don’t switch much, but the melody certainly does. Whereas samba has a jazzy influence, baile funk takes over this production and the madness goes from simple party to sheer insanity. It’s clear that Oberschmidt calls on the history of Afro-Latin bass sounds of both the past and present, and it’s what makes this future-leaning production so special.