The Ghost of a Kitty and a Wicked Old Lady Haunt the Hell Out of Guadalupe Plata in New Video

Directed by Beatriz Sánchez, Guadalupe Plata‘s “Calle 24” video is a delirious homage to House (Hausu), a Japanese film by Nobuhiko Obayashi made in 1977 that contains all the classic elements of the horror genre: a haunted house, ghosts, mysterious cats, poltergeist phenomena, flying heads, skeletons, and lots of blood.

Kind of like its predecessor, and very much like most of their unique videos, this crazy tribute follows the journey of Paco, Jimena, Perico and Fuffy who – while scouting for a place to rehearse out in the fields – find a house located on 24th Street somewhere in Spain, where, thanks to their bizarre luck, an old lady lives with the ghost of her cat, who she killed, and will eventually haunt the hell out of Guadalupe Plata.

For those who haven’t seen any of Guadalupe Plata’s videos before, “Calle 24” is definitely a great example of how crazy they can be. So, if you enjoyed this particular one, I certainly suggest you watch them all. Gore-fueled NSFW galore guaranteed.