Playlist: Here’s What Cómeme’s Dream Musical Girl Gang Would Look Like

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Ever since its founding in 2009 by Chilean rhythm madman Matías Aguayo, Germany-based imprint Cómeme has delivered quality left-field techno and house by like-minded artists from around the world. As their own effort to fight the gender inequality deeply rooted in the music industry, they recently cut back their releases by male producers and pushed women artists until they pieced together a balanced roster.

But that concept alone wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t for their curatorial power. The women who are now part of Cómeme’s roster or who have put out music through the label are top-notch producers and artists, who may have been overlooked by the industry otherwise. Thanks to this new Cómeme philosophy, we’ve had the pleasure of  listening to great music from people like Ana Helder, Carisma, and Valesuchi on the Latin front, and Inga Mauer, Charlotte Bendiks, rROXYMORE, Lena Willikens, and more internationally.

We asked five of these artists to put together a list of songs by female artists who inspire them and would be part of their dream girl gang. Ana Helder, Carisma’s Carolina Stegmayer, rROXYMORE, Charlotte Bendiks, and Inga Mauer came up with a diverse set of musicians that gives us a clearer picture of their particular taste, from Argentine songstress Juana Molina to experimental eminence Laurie Anderson, plus songs from Yoko Ono, Alice Coltrane, Azealia Banks, and Ibiza Pareo. All killers, no fillers.