Girl Ultra Slays in a Jacuzzi in the Video for “Fuego”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Tape Music

Mexico City vocalist Girl Ultra is repping hard for Spanish-language R&B, fresh off the recent release of her debut EP Boys, a slow-burn collection of hormone-heavy lounge tracks that chronicle the rough moments of a 21-year-old’s romantic dealings. Today the ex-AFFER singer launches the video for the project’s single, “Fuego,” and it’s just the soaking wet serenade we were hoping for.

The video’s minimal aquatic moment puts the spotlight squarely on Girl Ultra’s expressive gaze and strong slow dance vocals. It’s like a play on her stage name — it would be impossible to get more feminine allure in the frame than these shots do, with a rhinestone-laced Mariana (“Nan” for short) de Miguel soaking in a wood-paneled Jacuzzi. That laser focus on her womanly mystique is the result of a Finesse Records family project; label founder David “Cheeks” Oranday (aka Teen Flirt) shot the clip, with the singer herself receiving art and styling credits.

The label’s being pretty clear about positioning de Miguel as the Finesse’s no. 1 diva, and every star needs a few music video thirst traps under their denim waistband. Slay Nan, slay — the R&B world never has enough ferocious chanteuses to keep us satisfied.