Girl Ultra Teams up With Paula Cendejas for the Velvet ‘Ojos Negros’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Whose eyes have you on the point of perishing this fall? A cross-hemispheric collaboration from two emergent R&B vedettes may be just the soundtrack for you, if you’re currently plotting your fall into a certain someone’s magnetic gaze.

“Nunca existió un tú y yo/Pero qué ganitas de hacértelo,” sing Girl Ultra and Paula Cendejas through their ode to a lust unrealized on duet “Ojos Negros”–the two of them more than ready to fix that oversight. The track is produced by madrileño producer ODDLIQUOR, cementing the song as a velvet-voiced neo R&B collaboration. Cendejas, who has risen to prominence through projects with C. Tangana producer Alizz, who made her the first artist on his Warner Music Spain sub-label Whoa Music. Cendejas cuts a similar profile to Girl Ultra, this era’s most representative voice in Mexico’s emergent R&B sound.

Don’t skip the single’s visuals. Girl Ultra is perhaps one of the most consistent proponents in the music industry of Mexico City’s thriving fashion community—her segment of which loves throwing 1970s-inspired space age disco looks, ideally accented with a string of rhinestones and Technicolor eyelid. In the clip for “Ojos Negros,” director Francisco Outón (who also masterminded Speak’s 2019 CDMX OXXO rave “99 Blunts”) lets outfits coordinated by city stylist Daniela Guardado and makeup artist Sheila González shoulder the lyrics’ drama.