Godwonder Forsakes Neon EDM and Heads to Santo Domingo on New EP

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Newbies might believe that Diplo, Skrillex, and Justin Bieber are putting out the best dembow-based electronic music, but one second into Godwonder‘s Aih Aih Eh Eh! EP will prove otherwise. Godwonder is a prodigy on the rise from the Netherlands, discovered by his Selegna Records boss and moombahton legend Munchi, who makes his official production return with an edit of “La Campana.” It’s the classic swinging, banging, and grooving Munchi sound, so hot that it’s past the point of burning.

“Capo” opens the seven-track offering with Godwonder taking the reigns as a rising captain of tropical bass, thanks to the help of a sparse yet punishing percussive groove. This is a reggaeton-loving EDM fanatic’s dream come true, as it shies away from neon vibes and more towards the streets of Santo Domingo. “La Baina Ta Bien” is a chop-laden groove unglued, then the Missy Elliott “Get Ur Freak On” sample drops in and dominates. “Dale Patra” is an insistent banger driven by salsa trumpets and vocal drops demanding “mucho sandungueo.” The galloping bassline definitely makes that insistent desire entirely possible.

The title track and “Aye Que Rico” are more squelching synth bangers that would fit in big-room Dutch house venues. It’s always intriguing to hear moombahton’s Dutch house influence reinterpreted by someone more inspired by dembow. The rhythm’s hard-hitting percussion gives Dutch house a more seductive and deeply sensual flavor, something that EDM oftentimes lacks.

Download the EP here.