Happy Colors and El Dusty Join Forces for What Might Be the Cumbia-Meets-Trap Anthem of 2015

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Cumbia-meets-trap has been an ongoing tale of 2015, and El Dusty‘s collaboration with Happy Colors for “Cumbia Anthem” might be the finest of the lot. A filtered and warped accordion is embedded within the mix, while a sizzling cumbia bassline is punctuated by kicks on the break in the bottom end that feel better suited for turning up. The unique blend works when a stomping-to-double-time riddim drops into to the track, which – alongside a rapped vocal sample – gives the production an added bounce and swing that definitely makes it as anthemic as advertised. Purchase “Cumbia Anthem” here.

CUMBIA ANTHEM IS OUT NOW! Check it out on iTunes!

Posted by El Dusty on Friday, October 2, 2015